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TROPICAL DEPRESSION WARNING, April 04, 2011 (22/04/2011)
Forecast positions and Intensities: Date: Tuesday, April 05, 2011; Position: 8.1, 113.3
Salinity levels increase in South Vietnam (23/03/2011)
The Southern Regional Hydro-meteorological Center predicted on March 15, that the level of salt penetration in the Nha Be River in Ho Chi Minh City had increased by 15 percent.
Heavy rain a boon for crops (21/03/2011)
A heavy downpour in many areas of the Central Highland province of Kon Tum on March 6 has proved to be a boon for the parched paddy crop, coffee trees and vegetables. The rain has saved the rice crop and raised the water table for residents in Ngoc Hoi, Dac Ha and Kon Ray communes in Kon Tum City and greatly reduced the risk of forest fires in the province.
Effective climate change response strategy vital to nation: PM (21/03/2011)
Building an effective climate change response strategy is a national vital issue hence the strategy should highlight its importance, said Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at a conference on outlining plan to deal with climate change.
Tri An hydropower plant faces worst water shortage (22/04/2011)
Tri An hydropower plant in Dong Nai province is facing the worst water shortage in 25 years.
Nation faces looming water crisis (21/03/2011)
"Climate change has even made the situation worse by increasing the amount of rainfall by 15 per cent in rainy season and reducing it by 15 per cent during the dry season last year,"
Hydrography forecasting for 5 days (21/03/2011)
Comment: The highest water level of Sai Gon river downstream and canal sytems of Ho Chi Minh area will rise in one day and then lower following tide
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