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HCMC determined to reduce environmental pollution (23/03/2011)
HCMC determined to reduce environmental pollution

     Ho Chi Minh City has adopted environmental pollution reduction as one of the six programs to implement during 2011- 2015.


     The city is determined to change its face for the better under this program. The program will be a breakthrough for the city. The city Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) had convened a meeting to speed up the implementation of the program.

     Nguyen Van Phuoc, Deputy Chairman of DONRE said that one of the best solutions to fight environmental pollution was to pay regular visits to companies causing pollution. Environment inspectors will divide into groups to supervise polluting enterprises from causing environmental damage.

    Inspectors will identify companies that cause heavy pollution to the Sai Gon River basin, canals and spew wastewater. Inspectors will penalize polluting enterprises and suspend those that cause pollution. Some may be moved to the suburban districts or have their licenses revoked. Local administration and relevant agencies will execute the necessary action on factories that intentionally violate environmental regulations.

     DONRE will also synchronize with other agencies on measures to reduce pollution effectively. For instance, relevant agencies will have to complete monitoring of the wastewater systems of companies by the second quarter of this year, particularly in suburban districts. Moreover, state agencies must strengthen supervision of removal of companies that are causing serious pollution. Agencies will closely work with the southern province of Binh Duong to improve the Ba bo canal and with the Department of Health to improve the waste treatment systems in hospitals.

     Environment protection staff should list those sectors of the industry that cause pollution and force these companies to move out of residential areas. They must inspect and transport waste and implement projects that deal with solid waste. The solid waste management board must undertake land compensation for clearing and resettlement of 200 hectares of land in the district of Cu Chi for waste treatment plants. (Source: saigon-gpdaily.com.vn)

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